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Biomass, air, water, soil. Our concern and sphere of work!

Focusing on technology development for the emerging Swedish Salix energy forestry the activities started in the early ‘80s. Since then, expertise and technologies have also successively been developed for the multipurpose uses of biomass in temperate and tropical habitats.
If you work with high yielding crops, wish to recover agricultural residues or need to remove bushes from abandoned farmland, we belong to the same sphere!

Salixphere has developed a complete line of products for the establishment, maintenance, harvesting, logistics and primary conversion of biomass. Increasing the competitiveness of willow and poplar (Salicaceas), Eucalyptus, acasia (Robinia), sugar cane (Saccharum), sweet and fiber Sorghum, Miscanthus and other crops has been and is our goal and we guess your too. Let us amplify the sphere.

Along the years, we have learned from farmers, scientists and customers. Their own creativity and experience –added our own innovations- resulted in a number of methods making the biomass unique among all the energy sources. Multifunctional bioenergy plantations contribute to solve severe environmental problems in soil, air and water.


Machinery, methods, operative systems and software are developed as reliable tools for biomass based industrial exploitations.
High quality of biomass and machinery operative flexibility to different soils and climate conditions, are imperatives of the design work.
Engineering priorities are given to achieve in feedstock systems:
• High energy effectiveness to the lowest CO2e and other noxious emissions
• Optimizing land-use, the highest biomass productivity 
• Lowest biomass cost at final user
• Minimizing environmental impacts, protecting soil and water


• Consulting services for studies on biomass feedstock systems and/or for planning multifunctional plantations
• Licensing on methods, programs and systems and products manufacturing,
• Custom engineering technology to suit particular crop or other conditions by customers request


Read about C4(plants)OS-technology



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