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High yield crops technology

Willow plantation in Sweden


Bioenergy, air, water, soil...all about biomass
Our concern and sphere of work!

Salixphere develops and supplies technology for the establishment, maintenance, harvesting, logistics and the primary conversion of planted or naturally grown crops and agricultural residues.

Willow, Salix in Latin, was the first crop our technologies were created for, thereof the name of our sphere. Activities started during the first half of the ‘80s within the emerging willow energy forestry business in Sweden. Since then, machinery, methods, systems and software have successively been developed for multipurpose uses in temperate and tropical habitats. Crops like Salicaceae, Eucalyptus, Robinia, Saccharum, Sorghum are high yielding in biomass enabling the production of both solid and liquid bio-fuels and fibre products; thus our concern and permanent goal is making those cost-competitive to fossil fuels. The same is for many other bioenergy and bioproducts crops or food crops residues.

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